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Barrows’ successor, Tom Dunlap, upgraded the quality of the tools and added chrome plating to them as America moved into the automobile age. Sears also marketed a “Sears Best” line of hand tools for a time. The company also used the “Dunlap” name for its lesser quality tools from the late s until the late s. The Companion tool line was itself discontinued and replaced by the “Evolv” tool line in , [8] with a focus on homeowners and DIYers. Evolv tools also have a lifetime warranty but require that the customer have the original dated receipt to make a claim. Sears will hold a royalty-free license to the Craftsman brand for a year period after the completion of the sale, and will receive a royalty on all new Craftsman sales over this period. Sometimes, the Craftsman branded items include exclusive features or functions that separate them from the manufacturer’s own brand or other brands that the manufacturer produces. At other times, Craftsman products are identical to models of other brands with a different name on them.

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Clock-watch[ edit ] The earliest dated watch known once belonged to Philip Melanchthon and is now in the Walters Art Museum , Baltimore The first timepieces to be worn, made in the 16th century beginning in the German cities of Nuremberg and Augsburg , were transitional in size between clocks and watches. Nuremberg clockmaker Peter Henlein or Henle or Hele is often credited as the inventor of the watch.

He shapes many-wheeled clocks out of small bits of iron, which run and chime the hours without weights for forty hours, whether carried at the breast or in a handbag However, other German clockmakers were creating miniature timepieces during this period, and there is no evidence Henlein was the first.

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Milwaukee calls their type numbers “serial numbers” SER. Type numbers go by “Type1,” “Type 2” etc. Ridgid products have model numbers like normal. Ridgid products do not have type numbers. RotoZip type numbers usually begin with an “F”. Most Ryobi products only have model numbers, but There is a major exception to this. Some Ryobi products have “bar code numbers. Some Skil products also have serial numbers. WORX tools have model numbers that start with “W.

Finding Tool Model and Type Numbers September 25, This article explains the importance of model and type numbers when searching for tool and machine parts.

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In this section we’ll do some further exploration of the Craftsman series tools, without regard as to whether a comparable New Britain example happens to be available. The Craftsman branded socket tools were hugely successful and are generally easier to find than their New Britain counterparts. The socket construction is cold-broached with a relieved area below the broaching, with tapered upper walls and a wider base to maintain adequate wall thickness.

The base has a band of finely cross-hatched knurling, and the finish is chrome plating. The absence of the “BE” manufacturer’s code on this socket might be simply a production accident, but it may also indicate that the early production of these tools was done before the “BE” code had been assigned. A few other “BE”-style sockets have been found without the code marking, but in some cases the sockets were worn or rusty, leaving the possibility that the code had been marked but was no longer readable.

Craftsman is a line of tools, lawn and garden equipment, and work ally owned by Sears, the brand is now controlled by Stanley Black & Decker.. Craftsman tools were first sold in They were not manufactured by Sears, but by various other companies under contract.

Hand Planes Hand planes are tools for shaping wood. They are used to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and smooth the surface of a rough piece of lumber. Planing is also used to produce horizontal, vertical, or inclined flat surfaces on work pieces usually too large for shaping. Many special types of planes are designed to cut specific shapes of moldings or to cut joints. Hand planes are generally a combination of a cutting edge or plane iron held in a firm body that when moved across the surface of the wood, takes a relatively uniform and thin shaving.

Depending on the length of the plane, when moved over the surface, removes the high spots in the wood. Planes are designed so the the cutting edge or plane iron is held at an angle to the surface of the wood. The plane iron extends beyond the bottom surface or sole of the plane and slices off thin shavings of wood when pushed across the surface.

History of Hand Planes Hand planes have been around since ancient times. Early planes were made of wood with a mortise rectangular slot cut across the plane body so the blade could protrude below the surface of the base. The depth of cut was adjusted by hand and the blade was held in place with a wooden wedge. In the ‘s, Leonard Bailey Bailey Planes began producing a line of cast iron-bodied hand planes.

Traut and others are largely responsible to improvements to the iron bodied planes. Traut’s name is on many hand plane patents on behalf of Stanley.

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Mesopotamia In the museum at Baghdad, in the British Museum , and in the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia are finely executed objects in beaten copper from the royal graves at Ur modern Tall al-Muqayyar in ancient Sumer. This relief illustrates the high level of art and technical skill attained by the Sumerians in the days of the 1st dynasty of Ur c.

The malleability of unalloyed copper, which renders it too soft for weapons, is peculiarly valuable in the formation of vessels of every variety of form; and it has been put to this use in almost every age. Copper domestic vessels were regularly made in Sumer during the 4th millennium bc and in Egypt a little later.

The CRAFTSMAN in. wide 5-drawer tool chest is a great helper for any handyman. Arrange all your tools in the five shallow drawers in a single layer making them easy to locate in an instant.

Dare I ask about the tools? Unfortunately, most of these chests are auctioned piece meal with the result being that we loose a very imprtant record of craftsmanship. In the 18th and 19th centuries the end of a woodworking apprenticeship initialed the building of a tool chest. Upon the successful completion of an apprenticeship a craftsman became a journeyman and his newly completed tool chest equipped him to start work.

It is interesting to note that the difference between a journeyman and a master was economic. Many journeymen remained journeymen the rest of their lives while a few became masters and taught other craftsmen. Therefore a toolbox was a large chest, much larger than a sea chest, built in the manner of what was called a six board chest in those days. The chest was usually dovetailed together from pine or popular. The bottom and possibly the top was a trapped panel of sufficient thickness to withstand a lot of weight and abuse.

Heavy boards were dovetailed around the bottom to form a protective plinth and a similar band was sometimes put around the lid. This banding helped the chest withstand the kicking and scuffing encountered in day to day use. Hardware was iron often forged by the local blacksmith and geared toward ruggedness and security. A cleat was affixed to each end of the chest for rope handles–properly called beckets. Seamen were often pressed into service to make the beckets which were sometimes works of art in themselves.

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Backsaws have two uses, to cut joints and to cut in a miterbox. Backsaws for joinery are smaller than saws meant to be used in a miterbox. Backsaws can be filed either crosscut or rip, depending on the sort of work being done. Miterbox saws naturally are filed crosscut. Disston offered backsaws in lengths from 8 to 18 inches, with the 8 and 10 inch saws having a thinner gauge blade and two sawnuts on the handle.

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Light pitting R Wrench mounted on the tool box that has the N’s. STAR – – 6. Light pitting, crack in letter “T” R Light pitting, painted R Large, rare cutout with striking graphics. Seldom offered for sale. One of the most desirable, largest, and most impressive looking of all the cutout wrenches. Excellent condition R Screwdriver blade shortened R

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History of Technology Heroes and Villains – A little light reading Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many personalities, eccentrics and charlatans involved.

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Off shore planning is not for everyone and it is often oversold by “gurus” to investors and business owners who really aren’t in need of an elaborate off shore asset protection plan.

Stuart 92 Comments If you buy something through our links, ToolGuyd might earn an affiliate commission. They have been losing money for years now , losing customers, closing stores, and suing their suppliers. They lost a patent infringement lawsuit recently , lobbed public accusations against TTI, in addition to suing them , and sued Western Forge, at the same they started carrying imported pliers from another supplier.

I talked to a person I know from Sears. Sears is pulling the American made Western Forge screwdrivers off the selves because of the dispute. I asked if he was sure, and he said that he visited his Sears and saw that all the open stock had been pulled from the shelves, with only a few sets left remaining. I would visit my local Sears to check, but there is no local Sears here anymore, they recently closed. What happened to the Craftsman Tool Catalog? What happened to the holiday season tool catalog?

A few years ago, new Craftsman hand tools came out, and they were made overseas.

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Also called a “hope chest,” these beauties came in a variety of styles across the years. When determining the value of your Lane cedar chest, the year that it was made and the style are two of the main factors to consider. The older and rarer the cedar chest is, the higher its value and its desirability to those who want it.

Lane also made chests in a traditional antique style, such as Queen Anne, even if they were made in the s. If your chest was made in the s or s, you may have a valuable piece of furniture on your hands.

Introduction. This is the first of several articles covering Craftsman brand tools. This installment will focus on the development of the Craftsman brand during the s and s, as well as covering some of the tools sold by Sears in the pre-Craftsman era, in order to provide background context.

Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws: Needs a light cleaning, good etch. Three steel plumb bobs inc. Pair plumb bobs inc. Atkins plated steel plumb bob in tin box Picture Dictionary of Tools used in the woodworking and allied trades c. Hard bound book with intact dust jacket, VG. Nearly new book in perfect condition.

British Planemakers from book by Goodman. Hard bound with dust jacket, very good overall condition. Hard bound book in nearly new condition.

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Handy farm devices and how to make them. Orange Judd Company, Canada. Tools of their trades:

The Craftsman tool catalog has very clear illustrations of the “Nested Diamonds” pattern, and later Craftsman tool catalogs show that this pattern remained in use through the s, and into the s for at least some models.

The thirteen-inch wide mouth tool bag is simple, sleek and effective. It is the perfect buy for those who have a few pieces of necessary equipment to carry and store. The bag has two rigid dividers inside and a durable plastic base to protect all of your tools. There are sixteen compartments in the design to keep your tools and accessories organized as you work. This bag also features side handles, allowing it to be pulled across surfaces if necessary.

Whether you are on a work site or handling a large project, this bag lives up to the Carhartt legacy. It is reinforced at all of the stress points and has six external pockets for not only durability, but also your convenience. This tool bag has a startling forty-four compartments and a dedicated pocket for your drill and battery. Ideal for projects that take you off road, the backpack has padded back support and straps, an exterior pocket and dual handles at the top.

With an amazing twenty-two additional compartments and pockets for tools and accessories, this is a marriage of functionality and form.

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