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After all, our remit includes British rifles, with a particular representation of Enfield products , as well as small-bore rifles of B. See also the Birmingham Small Arms Co. We endeavour to include sub-calibre equipments associated with the rifles represented on-site, because these relate to the training theme; and the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle above all others certainly required sub-calibre adaptors, particularly because ranges on which such a rifle could safely be fired have always been comparatively small in number, even in war-time. The rifle shown below is of B. For comparison, it is photographed alongside a Canadian C. Stood to the right are both a. The British made rifles were produced at B. The rifle weighs 36 lbs.

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Uploading of these items now ongoing. Several new items recently listed on our sister website at www. More militaria now to be uploaded onto our sister website Bridgehead Militaria so please take a look: Updating Saturday 20th October.

Lot of 4 boxes of CIL ammo. 1. The scarcest is a box of #9 shot with over lay skeet lead on 3 sides, 20 rounds in the box. 2. Imperial CIL #6 15 rounds. 3. Scarcer box of Canuck 2 1/4. Sold Item #C 45 Rounds Cartridges Description: Lot of 45 rounds of CIL ammo.

Boxes have bright colors and is about as mint as one should expect to find. Boxes are full of lead round nose bullets in brass cases with a large P on the case end. This is excellent quality! Check out the pic. These are plastic shells in an excellent box. The box is worn but still real nice! The box and shells are in excellent condition! The colors are bright! Two of them are still wrapped in cellophane. The box has age and stains but it’s still survives!

How Do You Date Remington Rifle Ammunition Boxes

M Browning machine gun. It has also been used for various calibers in cartons, clips, bandoleers or other packaging. Advertisement M A1 machine gun in action, with M1. Today in WW II: See also WW2 Books.

Unopened box of ammunition that is dated 6/13/ This would be used in the Lee Metford rifle. The British would have had these on hand during the The Second Boer War!

United States[ edit ] Initial World War I issue with each shotgun was one hundred commercial-production paper-cased shotgun shells containing nine 00 buckshot pellets 0. These cartridges became wet in the muddy trench warfare environment; and swelled paper cases would no longer chamber reliably. Full-length brass cartridges proved more resistant to moist field conditions and the repeated loading and unloading during patrols and watches when no ammunition was fired.

Some of these early brass cartridges had an unusual saw-tooth crimp. Initial production for the Vietnam War loaded 00 buckshot into the same red plastic cases being used for sporting ammunition and was designated: The shells were typically packaged as twelve ten-round cardboard boxes within a metal ammunition box. Heavy bullet preferences dating back to the Philippine-American War were re-evaluated considering combat experience with the 5. These loadings were designated: Shell, Shotgun, Plastic Case, No.

Initial production was in the same red plastic cases, but the visibility advantage for sporting use was a liability in jungle warfare; so later production used cases of a subdued green color.

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Lot of 6 collector box all built by Gevelot Canada located in Saskatoon, Sask. One full box of scarce Kynoch Greener Harpoon gun cartridges. The primers are marked 1. These cartridges became so scarce that Navy Item C Price: These rounds were designed for use in self loading firearms. The boxes are a little grungie but the cartrid Item C Price:

Believe it or not, an ammo box can still be of use to you once its rounds are gone. You can use it for storage, as a toolbox, or possibly even as a Faraday cage. You can use it for storage, as a toolbox, or possibly even as a Faraday cage.

The History and Art of Shotshells Posted: Mon Mar 06, 1: Mon Sep 11, 3: It was as inevitable as firecrackers that the invention of gunpowder would lead to firearm cartridges. Muzzleloading firearms were cumbersome and slow to reload. And, as soon as black powder cartridges were available, manufacturers began the search for a better gunpowder. When ignited, black powder produced clouds of dense smoke and it quickly fouled firearms. When automatic and semiautomatic firearms were invented in the late s, the search for an alternative to black powder intensified.

MMMSeveral smokeless powders, also called nitro powders because their base ingredient was a derivative of nitroglycerin, were independently developed in Europe in the mid s, including one by Alfred Nobel, the father of both dynamite and the Nobel Peace Prize. California Powder Works is credited with producing the first smokeless powder in the U. Smokeless powder, unlike black powder, technically does not explode when ignited, but burns rapidly, releasing expanding gases.

But gunpowder development was only one step to creating cartridges.

Military 12 gauge cartridges

Small Arms and Ammunition by Dean S. Small arms are the firearms carried by individual soldiers. In , neither the United States nor the newly-formed Confederate States were prepared to fight a major war. Years of peace, a small standing army, and a state militia system that was largely ceremonial, combined to severely limit stockpiles of military supplies. The most serious shortage was the lack of up-to-date small arms. As thousands of volunteers rushed forward to join the armies of the cause in which they believed, the supply of arms in both state and national armories was soon exhausted.

After PST the timer will reset to one minute until we do not get a bid on any lot for one minute.

Antique Shells, Antique Rifle Ammunition, Antique Ammo Over the years, a lot of old cartridges and ammunition shells have been discovered at battlegrounds in the U. While some of them are used ammunition, others have remained in their original boxes and casings for decades. Depending on their ages, conditions, and rarity, they may be worth a substantial amount of money and considered very valuable by gun enthusiasts and collectors.

Many firearms and antique collectors are willing to pay high prices to acquire rare antique ammo. Most collectors go to auctions or antique stores to purchase antique ammunition, other collectors prefer to shop online. The Internet has a large number of antique gun stores that carry a wide range of vintage ammunition, and there are several stores that specialize in old ammo.

Here is a list of websites that have great selections of antique ammo: This is the place to buy collectible and rare ammunition, including antique handgun and rifle cartridges, as well as shotgun shells. RTG offers antique and obsolete cartridges and ammunition shells in original boxes.

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Beginning January 1st, California law requires that all ammunition sales be conducted face-to-face, meaning no internet sales to California residents. Therefore, any ammunition being shipped to California address will need to be shipped to the address of a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, either yourself if you are the licensed dealer, or to the licensed dealer who will handle the face-to-face transaction.

Home of the Old Ammo Guy’s Virtual Cartridge Trading Table Offering a wide range of antique, obsolete, and modern ammunition and related items for collectors Please note: Unless otherwise indicated, the pictures on this web site are my property, and should not be used by anyone without my permission. Cartridge boxes, guns, gun parts, powder flasks and cans, loading tools, and related items for sale or trade..

Two partial boxes of 45 ammo as follows: 1- partial box of 19 rounds of a 20 box of FN oxyless the box shows light shelf wear and moderate soiling to bottom. 2- Partial box of 38 rounds U S government pistol ball ammunition lot E C S XC-repacked E.C. this box shows heavy shelf wear and soiling.

Existing law generally regulates deadly weapons. This bill would reorganize without substantive change the provisions of the Penal Code relating to deadly weapons, to be operative January 1, Possession of ammunition on school grounds is governed by Section Section k of the Penal Code is repealed. Title 2 commencing with Section of Part 4 of the Penal Code is repealed. Title 2 commencing with Section is added to Part 4 of the Penal Code, to read:

Dating Winchester/Western Ammo Boxes

With global warming , when do we ever have winter? YES, you need hard shelters to survive on this planet spinning through space at 66, mph and we propose we face this reality with our self-sustaining ISO container BattleBox system which should form our forward operating bases overseas and eliminate garrison buildings and lawn care mentalities here in the U. Against cunning, 21st asymmetric-overmatch-seeking enemies who have ” home field advantage ” of being able to cache and hide their supplies amongst closed terrain and often sympathetic populace , U.

To beat the guerrilla at his own game of mobile, light infantry warfare David Hackworth-style we have to be significantly smarter and tougher than we are now through a holistic and honest bottom-up approach that leaves no stone unturned to rid every ounce possible from our Soldier’s backs and places superior firepower and supplies on alternate transport platforms. The only exception is sub-zero temperature conditions where you must carry a full size sleeping bag and extra layers of insulating clothing.

boxes (; , , and ). The Sunflower Planet carried articles of general interest to the staff, particularly production changes, safety issues, awards, changes of .

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Police have warned the public to be vigilant after several boxes of ‘highly dangerous’ Navy ammunition have washed up on beaches in Cornwall. Bomb disposal crews rushed to Vault Beach in Gorran Haven after a member of the public found a box containing live 20mm ammunition.

Police said several boxes of Navy ammuniton were also found in another location on the Roseland peninsula. Meanwhile, at Kennack Sands beach on the Lizard on Sunday April 15 coastguard crews also collected and transported a flare in an explosives box that had washed up. Inspector Rick Milburn, from Truro police, said: Over the weekend, we received two reports that ammunition was located on Porthbeor beach in Roseland and on Vault Beach in Gorran Haven.

Anyone who sees anything similar washed up on a beach is asked to contact the police. Mevagissey Coastguard Members of the public have been attempting to identify the washed up ammunition. Inside will be a non explosive piercing element. More than likely from a ships weapon system such as Phalanx. Possible some sort of smoke marker as well? This live ammunition is dangerous and if you see any on the coast please call and request the coastguard.

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