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At least once a year, there is also a class outing or class party, where the small groups will celebrate and have fun! Parents are invited, too, so come and join us then! There are also learning stations and games to help the children to connect with the lessons and with each other. The programme is specially tailored to provide each child with creative worship sessions by worship teams and fun activities by our service team. Through these, the children will connect with God and with one another. For our Primary 5 and 6 young people, we have designed a curriculum just for them to help them adjust to their lives as preteens. Individual class teachers, Befrienders from the Youth Ministry and the youth pastors become their caring mentors. In addition, we have exciting events planned and executed by our dedicated team of leaders.

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Church nursery and classrooms are staffed by highly qualified, trained, and approved workers. Our “Policy for Children and Youth” is available upon request. Join us as we discover how to apply scripture to our daily lives. Once a year during our Sunday School class at 9: Youth are encouraged to participate with their families in the service. Friends Club is for girls in 6th-8th grades.

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In , scientists conducted carbon dating tests on what many believe to be his remains. While these tests on the bone fragments confirmed that they date from the first or second century, positive identification remains in question. While imprisoned for about four years in Rome, Paul wrote letters to the followers of Jesus about his purpose in life.

We, living almost 2, years later, are fortunate to have these letters to teach us the inspiring truths of God. These four letters are among the most hopeful and encouraging that Paul wrote. They help us understand how we can find joy in our trials and peace in our lives. Today, I want to look at some verses in Philippians. Are we as passionate as he was about Jesus Christ?

Is it our goal to honor Him in our everyday life? The Lord revealed Himself in me, and now I serve Him in the ordinary ways of life out of devotion to Him. May we, like Paul, create a legacy of hope and encouragement centered on Jesus Christ.

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Br uc e The missionary enterprise described in this and the following volumes is probably the most notable aspect of what is popularly called the Brethren movement. As the story of the missionary enterprise begins with Anthony Norris Groves and his associates, the story of the Brethren movement as a whole also begins with them. The people called Brethren are often so described because they prefer to be known by a designation comprehensive enough to embrace all their fellow-Christians along with themselves.

Those with whom this record is concerned are sometimes distinguished as Open Brethren because their church order differs from that of their friends who are known as Exclusive Brethren.

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June 30, Tim Gaines Filed Under: Five Reflections on General Assembly Tim Gaines I watched a crew of workers remove the General Assembly logo from above the doors of the convention center, and I will admit that it made me a bit sad. Granted, the week our family spent in Indianapolis was a tad on the exhausting side — attending GA as a family is a whole new reality for me. Still, I felt the slightest twinge of sadness swell up inside to see the large hall where we had met to worship transformed into a cavernous, empty shell.

That sadness, though, signaled that some good things had happened at the most recent global gathering of Nazarenes. Two years ago, I came away quite hopeful for what had happened at M15 in Kansas City. General Assembly has reignited that hope, and fanned the flame. Here are some of my basic observations and reflections about General Assembly The Church of the Nazarene seems to be intent on humbly receiving the gift of unity that the Holy Spirit is giving.

When there were challenges and disagreements, they often had something to do with a lack of global input and representation.

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Though many admire how it energizes its followers, many theologians and ministers are shocked at how much of traditional Christian doctrine many of these denominations and churches either completely ignore, misinterpret, or mangle into ideologies similar to the ancient heresies of the past. Many have called certain tenets of this movement heretical, and explain why.

The article is a bit dated, but much of what it states continues to be practiced in many Assemblies of God and Apostolic Pentecostal churches — and is still relevant today.

Two albums containing photographs of Glad Tidings Assembly of God (Lincoln, Neb.) activities dating from the early s. Nine loose scrapbook pages containing photos relating to activities and members of the church dating from the s.

No occasion justifies hatred; no injustice warrants bitterness. Today I will love God and what God loves. I will invite my God to be the God of circumstance. I will refuse the temptation to be cynical. I will refuse to see people as anything less than human beings, created by God. I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God. I will live forgiven. I will forgive so I may live.

I will overlook the inconveniences of the world. Instead of cursing the one who takes my place, I’ll invite him to do so, Rather complain that the wait is to long, I will thank God for a moment to pray.

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The world that Adam and Eve entered after their expulsion from the garden of Eden could not have been more different from the perfect environment they had so recently taken for granted. Instead of abundant prosperity, ready at hand, they had entered a world of limitation, shortage and scarcity. Instead of a world where all their needs were instantly provided for without any effort on their part, back-breaking toil was now necessary for survival, and uncertainty for the future entered into the equation.

Life was now a matter of pain, sweat, tears and trouble. Our first parents would also now experience for the first time the full gamut of destructive and sinful emotions, including fear, jealousy and hostility. The domestic tranquility that had reigned in Eden as a matter of course would now be infected by anger, frustration, bitterness and resentment.

Welcome To Vailsburg Assembly of God. Vailsburg AG is a family oriented church with a heart for the local community. Each week hundreds of people gather from all over the world to experience God.

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Dyed-in-the wool Sectarians and Denominationalists think and talk in this manner. They are quick to let you know that God does not want you to “forsake the assembly! They believe that God has a law that requires there to be some kind of an official assembly that all Christians in the vicinity must be a member of, support, and attend. This, all under the threat of God’s wrath.

We are committed to the proclamation of the gospel of grace God in Jesus Christ for the salvation of the depraved humanity under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the exhibition of the love of God the power of His kingdom to the world.

These religions are usually defined by the languages of those who practiced them: The term Canaanite is often used broadly to cover a number of these, as well as the religion of early periods and areas from which there are no written sources. Knowledge of the religions of these groups is very uneven; it usually consists of mere glimpses of one or another aspect. Only from the city-state of Ugarit 14th—13th centuries bce is there a wide range of religious expression.

For historical background on the region, see the articles Jordan: History ; Palestine ; and Syria: Nature and significance Internally, the landscape of Syria and Palestine is broken into many different regions. In consequence, the population was generally divided among many polities, each of which had its own official religion. Externally, Syria-Palestine formed a land bridge between the great civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt and faced westward across the Mediterranean Sea toward the cultures of the Aegean.

Syria and Palestine were subject to influences from these cultures and in turn contributed to them. As a result, the official religions of the area were often syncretistic and sometimes cosmopolitan. Particular cults and myths were carried westward and adopted by the Egyptians of the New Kingdom — bce , by the Greeks, and later by the Romans. Despite their many different outer forms, and the individual stamp given them by the various political powers, the religions of Syria and Palestine appear to have been typologically similar.

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Is there a uniform for Daisies? Prims Club For first- and second-grade girls Megan, Carmen, Kim, and Tonya guide Prims through life-application stories as the girls learn biblical principles. The Discovery Box stores lesson-related objects to be displayed during lesson time to make learning even more fun.

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Is there a uniform for Daisies? Prims Club First- and second grade girls Megan, Carmen, Kim, and Tonya guide Prims through life-application stories as the girls learn biblical principles. The Discovery Box stores lesson-related objects to be displayed during lesson time to make learning even more fun. Prims earn colorful badges depicting these club characters as they complete requirements for the achievement program.

Units can be completed in 4 weeks. Only 18 units need to be completed in 2 years. Motto I will be kind and thoughtful.

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Three slates of candidates stand for moderator of GA in St. General Assembly will take, several issues are shaping up to take center stage June when the rd General Assembly convenes in St. The first order of business for the commissioners and about advisory delegates will be to elect their moderator. Then the 13 Assembly Committees will work their way through the items of business this Assembly will consider.

That business will include a mix of social and theological issues and the internal workings of the PC USA. The 10 issues most apt to capture major attention at the Assembly:

We believe that everyone who walks through our doors, should connect with God and others, should start to grow in those relationships, and finally we believe that as people grow, they should start to serve God and others with the gifts that they have.

Patsavos The long-awaited common celebration of Pascha on April 15, by all Christians has come and gone. It was in when this coincidence last occurred and will be in when it occurs again. In anticipation of this common observance by all Christians, much was said and written. What was stressed was the need to keep alive the momentum of the occasion. Unless we all understand the significance of this event, it will remain nothing more than a peculiarity of the calculations related to the date of Pascha.

In one sense, that is what it is.

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