International Jewish conspiracy

That there’s a one party system, not two? That the polls are fixed? That the corporate media is owned by the Zionist banksters with Jewish names who are not practicing Jews and who finance puppet politicians into power? The Zionist controlled media and Zionist controlled polls are fixing the Presidential horse race just as they have done in previous elections. They are riding Donald into the lead with stolen slogans like “I’ll make America Great again”, a slogan stolen from Ronald reagan. They have to make it look fair, so they have Hillary trailing as an “untrustworthy” candidate By financing both sides.

Christian Zionism

The message was clear: Putin—who recently announced that in the tradition of the Tsars his foreign policy will include protecting Orthodox Christians abroad—left no doubt that any attempt to oust Assad, who is protecting ALL minorities in Syria, will be opposed. Putin outlined his anti-Zionist stand last week when he assembled both Orthodox Christian and moderate Islamic clergy for a clear and certain News Release that he will not countenance any foreign military intervention in Syria.

We certainly condemn all violence wherever it comes from. We should let people determine their destinies themselves. And now you want to do the same in Syria as well.

Post-Zionist Critique The finds from the Second Temple period are relatively uncontested, however much debate now surrounds the beginnings of Jewish rule in Israel and the Davidic Kingdom in Judea. In the past two decades, scholars and activists have accused archeologists of being driven to prove the truth of the Bible when dating and.

Thanks for the balanced view. It would be rather arrogant for a non-Russian to disregard this opinion from a Russian. August 21, at Knowing the antipathy Jews and Russians had for each other the same antipathy that existed throughout much of Europe , I would say yes. Churchill, Hitler, Goebbels and many eastern Europeans knew Jews dominated communism. Would Israel put a group of Germans in charge to rule over them today?

Putin has done a great service by saying what he said in that speech, but it is in no way nearly enough. It explains why Germans, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, and many, many others treated Jews so harshly — because Jews were their murderers. How many Hungarians today know that the Soviets put Jews in charge of the Hungarian government after WW II and Jews were the torturers and murderers when Hungarians overthrew their Jewish lead government? How many people know Hungarians knew their government torturers were Jewish?

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David Goldberg, made what I thought at the time was the most remarkable statement ever made by a Jew in the 53 years that had passed since the creation, mainly by terrorism and ethnic cleansing, of the Zionist not Jewish state of Israel. But what I liked about him most of all was the quite rare thing he had in common with my dear friend Ilan Pappe.

He was without a trace of the self-righteousness that is the hallmark of Jews everywhere who have been brainwashed by Zionist propaganda. He is also a thought provoking author. Many diaspora Jews suffer from selective moral vision about Israel. Rabbi David Goldberg is an admirable exception.

context of the Zionist policy of transfer dating back to the start of the Zionist movement, was the manifestation of Zionist transfer policy before the establishment of the State of Israel (Khalidi ).

The program, featuring actor Jack Klugman as “Quincy,” a happy-go-lucky medical examiner who managed to resolve various and sundry crimes within an hour’s time each week, was thoroughly dissected in an article appearing in The Spotlight, the weekly newspaper published by the IHR’s co-defendant in the Mermelstein case, Liberty Lobby, the Washington, D. According to The Spotlight: In real life, Mermelstein heads something called the ‘Auschwitz Study Foundation’ and runs a private museum of ‘Holocaust horrors’ in a warehouse behind his suburban Los Angeles business.

But ‘Sumner’ is portrayed as a dangerous man because the ‘climate’ and the ‘world situation’ are such that many gullible people are readily taken in by his smooth assertions. He is a bombastic television straw man whom the righteous ‘Zagursky’ has little trouble topping. A genuine debate between Establishment and revisionist historians over the ‘Holocaust’ has so far never been permitted on American television. The high point of this ridiculous drama comes in court, where ‘Zagursky’ must prove that ‘Sumner’ actually is a liar, or lose the suit.

The Goyim Gazette

By By Ben Ehrenreich Mar 15, Rosenwald, president of the American Council for Judaism, felt comfortable equating the Zionist ideal of Jewish statehood with “the concept of a racial state — the Hitlerian concept. Even after the foundation of Israel , anti-Zionism was not a particularly heretical position. Assimilated Reform Jews like Rosenwald believed that Judaism should remain a matter of religious rather than political allegiance; the ultra-Orthodox saw Jewish statehood as an impious attempt to “push the hand of God”; and Marxist Jews — my grandparents among them — tended to see Zionism, and all nationalisms, as a distraction from the more essential struggle between classes.

To be Jewish, I was raised to believe, meant understanding oneself as a member of a tribe that over and over had been cast out, mistreated, slaughtered. Millenniums of oppression that preceded it did not entitle us to a homeland or a right to self-defense that superseded anyone else’s.

Marriage in the Religious Zionist Community II: Meeting the One January 7, By Hannah Katsman This is the second part of a series on marriage in the religious-Zionist community in Israel.

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How Zionist is the New World Order

March 27, , It seems that it is a mutual use by dangerous and extremist ideologues with somewhat similar ambitions of domination, driven by egomania and a weird perversion of religion. In other religion- related news: Stewart did not demand any evidence and Hirsi Ali provided no citation.

Jeremy Corbyn is sued by ‘Zionist’ he accused of ‘not getting’ English irony Chrissy Metz has been dating composer Hal Rosenfeld ‘for months’ and This Is Us star ‘is really into him’ There’s a.

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic is the year when the first Ashkenazi Jews settled in Baku, but their mass immigration to what is now Azerbaijan did not start until the s. Their immigration was relatively steady leading them to outnumber the local Mountain Jewish community by They settled mostly in the booming oil-rich city of Baku. Ashkenazi Jews continued immigrating to Azerbaijan until the late s, with a number of them being World War II evacuees from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus who chose to stay in their country of refuge.

Along with that, 6 of the 26 Baku Commissars were Ashkenazi Jewish. In around one third of Baku’s registered lawyers and physicians were Ashkenazi Jewish as well. This resulted in the decline of their number, making Mountain Jews the largest Jewish group of Azerbaijan by the mid s. Today there are about Ashkenazi Jews living in the country.

Culture of Israel

According to the Bible, Israel is the name given by God to Jacob. The modern country of Israel includes two distinct nationalities, the Palestinian and the Jewish. Each nationality is inextricable from its religious identity. The Palestinians are Arabs whose traditions are founded in Muslim culture; the Jews define their culture in large part around their religion as well.

Your “Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria” made me say AHA! I thought there was more to the Syrian thing than just knocking out one of Iran’s allies. But you brought out the point that Syria will not play ball with the International Banksters, re: Rothschilds, Rockefellows, Goldman and Sachs, etc.

Dating Readiness This is the first in a series. Also see Part II: Genetic Testing , Part IV: Dating Venues , Part V: Internet Dating , VII: Wedding Costs , IX: Planning Tips My oldest son is nearly twenty. Friends have told me that when it happens, it can happen quickly. The series will focus on the dati-leumi religious Zionist, or modern Orthodox community in Israel.

Each post will contain one or two questions about dating, engagements, weddings, and the period after the wedding.

Benjamin Fulford: The fall of the Zionist house of Saud plus possible coup attempt in Russia

Competing responses to the Arab uprising in Palestine: The Zionist press versus the State Department. It will consider three groups within the American milieu:

Fourth Zionist Congress; persecution of Romanian Jewry and the problems of Jewish workers in Palestine are discussed Fifth Zionist Congress; the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemet LeIsrael) is founded by the Zionist Organization for the purpose of purchasing land in the Land of Israel to be the “eternal possession of the Jewish people”.

There is both a script and a schedule being strictly followed by this criminal cabal of Neocon Zionists. Each terror operation is always followed by a highly organized cover-up coordinated by the US, UK and Israeli intelligence communities, participating NATO militaries, Western mainstream media, major social network utilities, federal and local law enforcement agencies, as well as transnational corporations such as SERCO.

Israeli Troops Kill Seven Palestinians, Wound Amid Massive Border Protests An objective analysis of the past plus years indicates that these same countries have always been incorrigible warmongers. It is home to two UK Government facilities: Furthermore, the Brits expectedly conned the U. Not only did President Donald Trump call President Putin on March 20th to congratulate him on his landslide victory as president of Russia, he also proposed a meeting with him in the White House.

Earlier in the month, the Skripals were stricken with the Novichok nerve agent which Russia says was produced by a British bioweapons laboratory. As a result, the UK Intelligence Community went into overdrive to draw the United States into their psyop as a way to sabotage that meeting. The Brits are using this poisoning scandal to generate Russophobia worldwide, as well as to effectuate other specific preconceived outcomes.

The ‘Six Million’ Myth

Share via Email This article is over 9 months old The fossil is an upper jawbone with several teeth; stone tools were also found nearby. Dating places the tools and jaw as being between , and , years old. A prehistoric jawbone discovered in a cave in Israel has prompted scientists to rethink theories of how the earliest human pioneers came to populate the planet, suggesting that our ancestors left Africa far earlier than previously thought.

The fossil, dated to nearly , years ago, is almost twice as old as any previous Homo sapiens remains discovered outside Africa, where our species is thought to have originated. Oldest Homo sapiens bones ever found shake foundations of the human story Read more Until recently, several converging lines of evidence — from fossils, genetics and archaeology — suggested that modern humans first dispersed from Africa into Eurasia about 60, years ago, quickly supplanting other early human species, such as Neanderthals and Denisovans , that they may have encountered along the way.

However, a series of recent discoveries, including a trove of , year-old human teeth found in a cave in China, have clouded this straightforward narrative.

Jun 25,  · The Zionist Jews. This is just another way for then to exterminate the white race by programing white women to mate with blacks. , PM #2 And so many women who don’t have good fathers are dating black men now and ruining their lives.

Early Years The rise of the Zionist movement in the late 19th cent. Click the link for more information. Before the 19th cent. In Herzl called the first World Zionist Congress at Basel, which brought together diverse proto-Zionist groups into one movement. The meeting helped found Zionist organizations in most countries with large Jewish populations. The first issue to split the Zionist movement was whether Palestine was essential to a Jewish state.

A majority of the delegates to the congress felt that it was essential and rejected the British offer of a homeland in Uganda. The opposition, the Territorialists led by Israel Zangwill, withdrew on the grounds that an immediate refuge for persecuted Jews was needed. Within the Zionist movement a broad range of perspectives developed, ranging from a synthesis of nationalism with traditional Jewish Orthodoxy in the Mizrahi movement, founded to various combinations of Zionism with utopian and Marxist socialism.

He lectured in chemistry at the Univ. Weizmann obtained few concessions from the Turkish sultan, who ruled Palestine; however, in , Great Britain, then at war with Turkey, issued the Balfour Declaration see Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, 1st earl of , — , British statesman; nephew of the 3d marquess of Salisbury.

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