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People often ask me: It depends solely on your personal interests! Is Spring the best time to travel to Japan?

Hida Takayama. Hida Takayama is a former castle town and one of Japan’s best preserved old towns. It is beautifully set amid the northern Japan Alps in Gifu Prefecture an area known as the roof of Japan.

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The Akari Light Sculptures of Isamu Noguchi One of the most important artists of the twentieth century, Isamu Noguchi expanded the traditional notion of sculpture to include the creation of dance sets, gardens, playgrounds, fountains and furniture. Within this range of spatial environment Isamu Noguchi’s Akari lanterns hold a unique place, expressing his Japanese’s American heritage in works designed to enhance the quality everyday life.

As a young man he traveled to Paris to work with sculptor Constantin Brancusi, and he went on to develop his own unique career as an artist in New York. After visiting Japan in Noguchi began to integrate elements of Japanese art with Western modernism. Throughout the s Noguchi spent a great deal of time in Japan, embracing Japanese forms for the design of gardens and sculpture. Akari, a term meaning light as illumination, but also implying the idea of weightlessness.

The Gifu prefecture is mostly made up of mountains, with the exception of the plai ns around Gifu city. This prefecture can be divided into two areas: north and south. This prefecture can be divided into two areas: north and south.

The warm hospitality of the people, exquisite cuisine, efficient transport, natural beauty, vibrant colours and ancient traditions … the country never ceases to amaze me. We are going there soon — our first time to the Gifu Prefecture of Central Japan. On the second day, we are going on a cycling excursion in the scenic countryside surrounded by the Alps of Hida before heading to Takayama — a beautifully preserved historic merchant town that once thrived in the Edo period dating from to Of course, when in Hida, we have to try some high quality Hida-gyu Hida Beef , a black-haired Japanese cattle breed that has been raised in Gifu Prefecture for a minimum of month.

Before the day ends, visiting an onsen is a must-do in Okuhida, a famous hot spring destination in the Japanese Alps. The Shin-Hotaka Ropeway is the first of its kind in Japan. Nestled in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture, Shirakawa village is famous for its distinctive gassho-zukuri houses capped with grand roofs resembling clasped hands. The post town is filled with old, lattice-windowed houses, traditional tea houses and souvenir shops lined along the cobbled streets, a setting that takes you back to hundreds of years.

The trip will wrap up with a sightseeing cruise in the Ena Valley, a scenic area of intriguing rock formation and colourful foliage.

Takayama, Gifu

Met a few really nice locals in Gifu, which added to my good impression of the place. I went to Shirakawa-go twice, in spring and winter. Both were short day trips without exploring the houses in detail.

Feb 13,  · Mino, Gifu topic. Mino (美濃市 Mino-shi) is a city located in the Gifu Prefecture of central Japan, founded on April 1, As of July , the city has an estimated population of 22, and a population density of persons per km². They have been labeled as one of Gifu’s traditional crafts and have a history dating back to the.

Located in a river valley surrounded by the rugged high-mountain Chubu region of central Japan, these three villages were remote and isolated, and access to the area was difficult for a long period of time. In response to the geographical and social background, a specific housing type evolved: The large houses have steeply-pitched thatched roofs and have been preserved in groups, many with their original outbuildings which permit the associated landscapes to remain intact.

It is of considerable significance that the social structure of these villages, of which their layouts are the material manifestation, has survived despite the drastic economic changes in Japan since As a result they preserve both the spiritual and the material evidence of their long history. Integrity Ogimachi, Ainokura, and Suganuma are rare examples of villages in which Gassho-style houses are preserved at their original locations and in groups, as they developed in the area along the Sho River.

Although since the Second World War there has been a reduction in the number of Gassho-style houses in each village, the inscribed property includes clusters of all the remaining Gassho-style houses which allows each village to retain its traditional appearance and character. Moreover, there has been no significant change to the system of roads and canals and traditional land-use patterns including trees and forest, and agricultural land.

The detrimental effects on the scenic landscape of a major highway construction less than one kilometre from Ogimachi and Suganuma has been reduced with plantings along the roadside and embankments, controls on bridge design and other protections for the view from Ogimachi Village. The integrity of the property, therefore, is ensured in the contexts of both wholeness and intactness. Authenticity The three settlements constitute important historical evidence in and of themselves.

The villages have existed since the 11th century and each has a strong sense of community. Traditional social systems and lifestyle customs have sustained the Gassho-style houses and their associated historic environments. From the viewpoints of setting, function, and traditional management systems, the level of authenticity is high.

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It is beautifully set amid the northern Japan Alps in Gifu Prefecture an area known as the roof of Japan. The Hida region of Gifu Prefecture is characterised by majestic natural scenery and hot springs. Takayama is famous for its Edo period merchant houses, temples, traditional sake breweries and crafts. I would recommend a stay overnight in a ryokan traditional style inn and at least two full days to explore this amazing place.

Gifu is a landlocked prefecture located in the center of Japan. It is one of the country’s world-class destinations that carries visitors to the past.

Print Tourists watch blacksmiths strike heated steel in turns at Sanshu, a cutlery shop in Seki, Gifu Prefecture. Takuji Yoshizumi SEKI, Gifu Prefecture—A cutlery shop is offering tourists from Japan and abroad real-life experience in forging weapons of war, a tradition that dates back centuries in this central Japan city. A traditional Japanese-sword forging studio was completed earlier this year at Cutler Sanshu, which was founded 80 years ago.

Sources said this is the only private-sector facility of its kind in Japan that accepts visitors, with the exception of theme parks and similar establishments. The annual number of foreign visitors to the shop has surged to more than 10, , up from only several dozen about a decade ago, shop officials said. In early March, visitors were using their smartphones and cameras to record blacksmiths in white costumes striking a bar of red-hot raw steel with sledgehammers.

Each blow produced a shower of orange sparks. Among the visitors were seven influential bloggers from such countries as China, Vietnam and Canada. The participants later picked up sledgehammers to experience the forging process. Cheesie from Malaysia, who has , followers on her social networking website, said the wonderful craftsmanship of the art enabled her to learn about an unfamiliar aspect of Japan. The city of Seki has a history of sword making dating back well beyond the Muromachi Period But they are held only monthly, which Yoshida found unsatisfactory.

Many women who have developed an enthusiasm for Japanese swords through a popular online game that personifies famous swords are among visitors to the shop.

Netorare Kanojo ~Gifu no Nikubou o Kuwaekomu, Ai Suru Ore no Kanojo~

Seven local hotels and ryokan Japanese-style inns offer their own private onsen. Hotel Park is one of the best places to relax and enjoy the waters, with its open-air bath offering spectacular views of the Nagara River and Gifu Castle atop Mount Kinka. These villages boast the most open-air hot spring baths rotenburo of any one area in Japan—more than in all.

Most likely dating to the s, or possibly the mid to late s. The style of pattern design is Satsuma influenced (probably from Kyoto, not Kyushu) based on the way the gilding is applied, the design of the rim, the color of the rim ground and from the way a Satsuma trained artists portrayed weeping wisteria (a favorite of Satsuma floral designs).

Driving in Gifu, Japan in December Sep 29, , 1: Yes, there’s not a few KK fans setting their foot in there when it does get snowed in, which means they walk through a pitch-dark long tunnel called Kama and then once out of it they put on snow-shoes to make it all the way. Back to topic, I wish the writer in the first link above had taken a picture to show how steep and curvey the road gets soon after you’re out of Abo Tunnel. This is where you’d have to drive on an if-you-guess-wrong-then-you-have-to-pay-a-heavy-price.

Avoidable rear-end collision in summer would sometimes get unavoidable in winter, you know. In the worst-case scenario, should you get hit hard from behind, you’d find it difficult to survive Yes, everyone drives slow around here if the road gets icy, though. The road from Hirayu to Okuhida though not as steep, yet lanes getting narrow part of the way is pretty much the same, if snow falls and the road gets icy.

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