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Bentonia Blues Bentonia, MS A black cat stares out from the front porch of blues singer Jack Owens as he plays his dark and haunting blues with harmonica accompanist Bud Spires. In addition, he also appeared on records by James Cotton, Walter Horton, Joe Hill Louis and others, although his own Sun sides went unreleased for 30 years. He spent the last two decades of his life as an ambassador for Memphis Blues, primarily playing educational and cultural festivals associated with the Center for Southern Folklore. Vinson died from diabetes in Memphis in On nights when hometown blues man Robert Walker would show up from his home in Bakersfield, CA, the little shotgun-shack store would be transformed into a rollicking juke joint, often until the pre-dawn hours, in much the same way rural homes and businesses became the social centers of plantation life throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Bobo resident Debra Hooks, seen here, worked at the store until it burned in December of Slide guitar technique is thought to have developed from a rudimentary single string African instrument played by sliding a bone or rock the length of the string. In the American South, a similar child’s toy called a “diddley bow” often served as the first musical instrument for aspiring young blues players in the Delta. Mississippi blues artists used the slide as a way to mimic the human voice and have their instrument “talk” back to them in a call-and-response style often associated with the black church. It’s use spread throughout the country with players using everything from broken bottle necks to knives to produce the distinctive, ethereal sound of genuine Delta blues.


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In Mississippi Baxterville – Myrtle Grove Cemetery – Occurrences of people walking through the cemetery when no one is there. Feelings of dread when you are in or outside of the cemetery at night. Strange occurrences at homes that surround the cemetery. Graves at the cemetary date back to the mid ‘s. Biloxi – Former Biloxi Regional Hospital – When an active hospital, dying patients would see young girls at the end of their beds. One time there was a sighting of a tall, white figure pass through the dispatcher area, which became extremely cold.

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Universal time[ edit ] Universal Time is a time scale based on the Earth’s rotation , which is somewhat irregular over short periods days up to a century , thus any time based on it cannot have an accuracy better than 1 in But the principal effect is over the long term: However, there are other forces changing the rotation rate of the Earth. The most important one is believed to be a result of the melting of continental ice sheets at the end of the last glacial period.

This removed their tremendous weight, allowing the land under them to begin to rebound upward in the polar regions, which has been continuing and will continue until isostatic equilibrium is reached.

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Mississippi madness: expat life in America’s weirdest state

Press Association Images A man who was on trial over the death of his date in a speedboat accident is in hiding after being found guilty of manslaughter. Web designer Jack Shepherd had been trying to impress year-old Charlotte Brown after meeting her on dating website OkCupid. But their champagne-fuelled first date ended in tragedy when his boat capsized on the Thames in December and she was thrown into the cold river.

Shepherd, 30, originally from Exeter, had denied manslaughter by gross negligence but was found guilty in his absence at the Old Bailey. Shepherd gave instructions to his legal team by phone, but police were unable to track him down and his whereabouts remains unknown.

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It was illustrated with magnolia blossoms and perforated by shotgun blasts. The nearest neighbours were three miles away across fields and woods. The nearest supermarket was 25 miles away. A few close friends understood why I wanted to live there, as a misfit Englishman with a US passport and a taste for remote places, but most people were genuinely mystified, or doubtful about my sanity.

Why would anyone in his right mind choose to live in the backwoods of Mississippi? Micaela Cianc One of my hopes was to dissolve these clumsy old stereotypes, and justify my conviction that Mississippi is the best-kept secret in America. Nowhere else is so poorly understood by outsiders, so unfairly maligned, so surreal and peculiar, so charming and maddening.

It was the fattest state, with more than a third of its adult population classified as obese. It was number one in the nation for teenage pregnancy, illiteracy, failure to graduate high school, religious devotion, political conservatism and sexually transmitted diseases. She was calling from her house in the Delta town of Greenwood, less than a mile from the unnatural crime scene. I had stumbled across Oxford while interviewing elderly blues singers in the mid s, fallen under its charms, and visited regularly ever since.

She described it as a separate place from the rest of Mississippi, with its own unique history and culture, although nowhere on earth was more deeply Southern.

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Subjects were then given a probe stimulus in the form of a digit from The subject then answered as quickly as possible whether the probe was in the previous set of digits or not. The size of the initial set of digits determined the reaction time of the subject.

Mar 14,  · Today we are cycling with Linden Potts, a bike polo enthusiast. Linden works as an auditor at Matthews, Cutrer, and Lindsay, P.A. and also as .

Subjects were then given a probe stimulus in the form of a digit from The subject then answered as quickly as possible whether the probe was in the previous set of digits or not. The size of the initial set of digits determined the reaction time of the subject. The idea is that as the size of the set of digits increases the number of processes that need to be completed before a decision can be made increases as well.

So if the subject has 4 items in short-term memory STM , then after encoding the information from the probe stimulus the subject needs to compare the probe to each of the 4 items in memory and then make a decision. If there were only 2 items in the initial set of digits, then only 2 processes would be needed. The data from this study found that for each additional item added to the set of digits, about 38 milliseconds were added to the response time of the subject.

This supported the idea that a subject did a serial exhaustive search through memory rather than a serial self-terminating search. Mental rotation Shepard and Metzler presented a pair of three-dimensional shapes that were identical or mirror-image versions of one another. Reaction time to determine whether they were identical or not was a linear function of the angular difference between their orientation, whether in the picture plane or in depth.

They concluded that the observers performed a constant-rate mental rotation to align the two objects so they could be compared. The subject had to identify whether the stimulus was normal or mirror-reversed. Response time increased roughly linearly as the orientation of the letter deviated from upright 0 degrees to inverted degrees , and then decreases again until it reaches degrees.

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Some DCC locomotives feature on-board sound effects. A layout can be divided into blocks powered separately. Locomotives located by the power they use.

The Humble community has contributed over $ million to charity since , making an amazing difference to causes all over the world.

Universal time[ edit ] Universal Time is a time scale based on the Earth’s rotation , which is somewhat irregular over short periods days up to a century , thus any time based on it cannot have an accuracy better than 1 in However, a larger, more consistent effect has been observed over many centuries: Earth’s rate of rotation is inexorably slowing down.

This observed change in the rate of rotation is attributable to two primary forces, one decreasing and one increasing the Earth’s rate of rotation. The most important force acting in the opposite direction, to speed up the rate, is believed to be a result of the melting of continental ice sheets at the end of the last glacial period.

This removed their tremendous weight, allowing the land under them to begin to rebound upward in the polar regions, an effect that is still occurring today and will continue until isostatic equilibrium is reached. This ” post-glacial rebound ” brings mass closer to the rotational axis of the Earth, which makes the Earth spin faster, according to the law of conservation of angular momentum , similar to an ice skater pulling their arms in to spin faster. This matches the average rate derived from astronomical records over the past 27 centuries.

ET was an independent time-variable, proposed and its adoption agreed in the period —52 [5] with the intent of forming a gravitationally uniform time scale as far as was feasible at that time, and depending for its definition on Simon Newcomb ‘s Tables of the Sun , interpreted in a new way to accommodate certain observed discrepancies.

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To view either or both nights of the high-speed racing action please visit www. The inaugural event in November of drew 37 entries from 11 states and Canada in one of the series most competitive USCS events of the season. He is three-in-a-row at BRP. Also entered is home-track hero, yearold Tyler Clem from St. All five of those divisions will contest a complete racing program on Friday night including preliminary qualifying heat races and main events in each division.

They are joined on another action-packed racing card that includes the Thunder Stocks, the Florida T.

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Explore the zoo, go shopping, have a delicious breakfast, romantic dinner, and watch a performance at the theater in the evening. Here are the best things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana. The museum features a permanent collection of more than 54, works from Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia ranging across a broad spectrum of genres.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of the best things to do in Indy.

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ANR , New Nov Mask, Extension Agronomist, and William C. Morris, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee Sweet Sorghum Culture and Syrup Production Sweet sorghum syrup production offers farmers an excellent opportunity to improve farm income and productivity. Ideally suited for the small landowner with limited capital, this crop requires only 1 to 3 acres. The marketing outlook for sorghum syrup is also very favorable. Almost all the sorghum syrup produced is sold within 2 months after it is processed.

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