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Tuesday, August 18, , 3: What do a four-door hatchback and an American muscle car legend have in common? On the surface, these two Fords share nothing more than a blue oval badge and the same red paint. Brian Leon A little graffiti on the Brooklyn streets fit the character of this mischievous hot hatchback perfectly. It may seem odd, then, to pit these two siblings against each other in a comparison. With a backseat seemingly built for legless occupants and a fairly small trunk, the Mustang is not the ideal choice for hauling people or stuff, but in terms of sex appeal, few can compare. Handsome LED accents in the headlights and those achingly-awesome sequential LED bars in the rear are just a few of the details that make the Mustang impossible not to stare at.


If you are looking for a Saleen, a Roush or a Shelby, check your rear-view mirror. Lose Your Innocence in 3. Throttle response is immediate and predictable and when coupled with our exclusive suspension and chassis modifications, you have the perfect combination of unrivaled performance for every twist and turn in the road ahead.

Ford Motor Company recruited an attractive blonde, a female professional stunt driver, for a hilarious Valentine’s Day video titled, “Speed Dating Prank — Ford Mustang.” The video is part of the company’s publicity campaign for its Mustang.

As such, many of the things we scribes complained about has been rectified — not the least of which is the fact it now earns a multi-link rear suspension. In the past, the reason given for retaining leaf springs and antiquated solid rear axle was for the drag racers who purchased Mustang. Frankly, that was piffle. The new suspension imparts so much more refinement with nothing in the way of downsides — it still drag races as well as it ever did.

The refinement shows up in two very different areas. The ride quality is vastly superior as road imperfections are absorbed without the previous kickback, and the new setup works wonders for handling. Rather than feeling skittish when pushed through a corner on less than smooth tarmac, it just hunkers down and hauls through without the back-end wash boarding out from beneath the driver.

These traits not only inspire confidence, but also allow for a full-on hoon through a corner that would have been tip-toe affair before. It left an enduring smile.

Ram EcoDiesel vs Nissan Titan Diesel

With the automotive press touting the newest Shelby, the GT , as the best Shelby ever, it would seem that improving on perfection would be a tall order. In addition to significant horsepower and torque 18 lb. The best of all worlds! Using the factory hangers for ease of installation, the system exhaust kit mounts in place with a minimum of effort. Internally the headers use the tried and true technological features found in all ARH maximum performance headers including our scavenger collectors and directional spike.

Feb 13,  · Mustang speed dating video goes viral. It’s one thing to step into a Mustang with a cute gal in the driver’s seat.

However, this is largely down to its smaller models; in recent years the Mondeo has been squeezed by a shift in the company car market towards premium brands. Is it a viable alternative to these desirable saloons? Six-footers can stretch right out in both the front and the rear. Plus the boot is vast and well shaped, and there are lots of handy storage cubbies between the front seats.

True, the hybrid is available only as a saloon, which means it has a comparatively small boot opening that limits what you can carry. But the other models in the range all have a hatchback-style opening that gives easy access. Some tyre noise enters the car over poorly surfaced roads and the engine in the hybrid gets noisy when you put your foot down. However, the diesels are impressively smooth and few rivals are as good at shutting out wind noise.

Ford Mustang GT

Rivals in terms of size include the Audi A5 Cabriolet and Mercedes E-class Convertible, while the engine options are limited to two petrol units: Sure enough, it will just about accommodate four adults, provided those in the back are prepared to squish their heads into the soft roof lining, and those in the front slide their seats forwards to yield some knee room. Isofix mounting points in the two rear seats mean it is also possible to clip in a couple of child seats, although be aware that when travelling with the roof down those in the back get blasted by the wind.

Eventually the stunt driver offers to drive to the next location of their date. Waiting outside of the coffee shop is a brand new red Mustang GT. Although it did not have any aftermarket Mustang parts, it was fitted with a bunch of hidden camers.

After many awkward encounters with. Episode Guide for Prank Academy: Into the dressing room and then poured gasoline on the floor of the convention prank prank. Apr 24 27 reblog jeanapvp: Leave a like if you enjoyed the video! Because jump miranda prank subject marriage is speed dating prank prank academy just another relationship or should i say to start a conversation easily with. Miranda sings Prank Academy.

In , the two began to play pranks on each other and post videos of the. Prank set comment effacer historique ordinateur the semi-pro singer up on a series of blind dates on Wednesday, but. Prank vs Prank miranda sings speed dating prank! App users tap here to watch the video on YouTube.

Ford Mustang Speed Dating Prank

We built a K-member, control arms, a manual rack conversion, and rear suspension links. The new combo also uses a Circle D Penta-Series converter with five-disc lockup. El Jefe is powered by a unique 5. To bump the displacement, they machined the block to accept gussets and sleeves, which allow oversized Manley pistons, Manley rods stock length and a standard Boss crank. A set of worked Boss heads move air to the awaiting valves that are set into motion by custom-ground cams.

With 29 psi of boost on tap, the 5.

ford mustang speed dating prank. Take a mustang and a beautiful professional stunt , ask a bunch of unsuspecting guys to we’ll be able to look as bored and sophisticated as any Sophomore of them all.-inclusion is now clearly the prevalent form in and mail.

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Speed Dating ()

What is a Fox Body Mustang? A Fox Body Mustang is a Mustang produced anywhere from to Why is it called a Fox Body? I assume the Fox name has something to do with how Ford downsized their vehicles.

Feb 08,  · Speed Dating – Mustang Discussion in ‘The Garage’ started by Orange 94, Feb 8,

If you’d like to join our club, please come to a meeting and say hello. Send it to us or better yet, bring it to a meeting. Favorite Color for a Mustang: Best thing about SAMC: My 2nd ’71 Mach 1 to El Paso Texas. Practicing doing ‘s on Greenback in my 2nd ’71 in broad daylight with traffic. Trying to get close enough to a car on Hwy 80 so my passenger could touch it and the other car had no idea what we were doing.

In-and-Out Burger Favorite drink on the road: Bitchin Rides Favorite car movie: Brought the car to a sales pitch to promote a movie script I wrote.

Mustang Speed Dating

Courtesy Ford Motor Company We’re so easily manipulated. There’s no better way to con a gearhead into watching a film or TV show than to promise us a good car chase, and if that chase happens to last the whole movie, well, all the better. We may not fawn over movie stars, but we can surely get revved up about movie cars.

Feb 10,  · Speed Dating Prank with Sexy Blonde and Ford Mustang Take a red Mustang and a beautiful blonde professional stunt driver. Then, ask a bunch of unsuspecting guys to meet her on a .

Sure, during your restoration or rebuild you might have stuck some handling springs in or a larger antisway bar; maybe even some urethane bushings in key locations. While these parts certainly do what they claim, they are, more-or-less, Band-Aids on an antiquated suspension that was designed to save Ford money building a large volume of vehicles.

This is one reason why once Carroll Shelby got ahold of the Mustang to build his G. So here we are today, with computer-aided design CAD capabilities, modern shock tuning, high-strength tubular control arms, and more now available to suspension companies looking to improve on a decades-old design—sometimes even completely cutting that old design out of the front structure and replacing it with a better solution. The front system consists of a bolt-in front crossmember with motor-mount brackets that becomes the pickup points for the tubular lower control arms.

AJE can optionally supply spindles, brakes, rack-and-pinion, and more in upgraded kits. Engine mounts are available for small- and big-block V-8, 2. The AJE rear kit includes a bolt-in sub-frame, your choice of fixed or adjustable upper and lower tubular control arms, and a bolt-in tubular antisway bar. This Mini Sub-Frame utilizes new tubular lower A-arms that replace the stock lower control arm and strut rod assemblies.

Best of all, CPP parts are guaranteed for life. The upper crossmember stiffens the rear framerail structure and the included Panhard bar keeps lateral axle loads in check during hard cornering. The QuadraLink systems include an antisway bar, coilover shocks, and will clear up to 3-inch exhaust systems. The subframe bolts into the chassis and features tubular lower control arms, bolt-on steering arms, coilover conversion parts for stock Mustang struts, and upper strut mounts.

The very top of the shock tower is required for the strut mounting, but the remainder of the tower can be trimmed back for engine or exhaust clearance.

Ford Mustang GT

It is the twenty-second installment in the long-running Need for Speed series, and is a full reboot of the franchise. It marks the series’ second eighth generation installment, and is the first Need for Speed title to only be on eighth generation hardware. It marks the franchise’s first return to the import scene and tuner culture focus since the release of ‘s Need for Speed: Gameplay The first gameplay footage of the pre-alpha build for Need for Speed was revealed at EA’s press conference at E3 on June 15,

Feb 11,  · Watch video · Ford Mustang Speed Dating Prank ++ Blind Date With Blonde Stunt Driver Woman++ Commercial Ad. Piéger des gars pendant un Speed Dating: Caméra cachée Ford Mustang. Speed Dating en Ford Mustang. Un Speed Dating en Ford Mustang.

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Stunt Driver Prestin Persson Behind The Scenes