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The collection of six shorts focused on women discovering and owning their sexual desires, whatever those desires may entail. The following paragraphs contain descriptions of sexually explicit material. Dragonfire Directed by Michelle Ehlen and starring singer-songwriter Jennifer Corday, Dragonfire is one hot music video…literally. Though the video lasts a mere four minutes, the mixture of sound and cinematography manages to get your pulse racing. The fire prop is used in a sexy exciting way, putting a less-talked-about part of BDSM culture front and center and assuring audiences that it can be fun and playful. The video plays with color, Corday wearing a pink sequined top and the dominatrix donning dark lipstick. The only real source of light in the all-black background is the bold light from the flames, creating striking and erotic mood lighting. Cake Cake takes a comedic approach in its exploration of the role kink can play in relationships, particularly relationships in which one character is seemingly more adventurous than the other. Hoping to spice up her marriage and explore her sexuality, Eliza Daniella Rabbani orders female sex robot Jade Oh Anne Hu, who also wrote and directed the film for her and her husband Thomas Tom Lacey , who is initially hesitant to give the new toy a try.

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Lego bricks Two Lego Duplo bricks with a standard brick for comparison The Lego Group began in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen — , a carpenter from Billund, Denmark , who began making wooden toys in In , Lego expanded to begin producing plastic toys. These bricks were based on the Kiddicraft Self-Locking Bricks, which had been patented in the United Kingdom in [10] and released in Lego had received a sample of the Kiddicraft bricks from the supplier of an injection-molding machine that it purchased.

Godtfred saw the immense potential in Lego bricks to become a system for creative play, but the bricks still had some problems from a technical standpoint:

Retailer Speed Dating: Each table in the retailer lounge will be devoted to a specific topic which may include: Store design/ display innovations, Advertising & Marketing, Customer service, Dealing with Book Market Distributors, Staffing issues & incentives, and others. .

Its got to win the support of fans burned by tv Trek, the fans who will stick with the show and buy its merch and keep the show alive week after week. Not saying their uniform choices or the choice to make the Klingons completely fracking different from anything before will sink the show but certainly will make Trek fans a bit more hesitant to invest in it either with time or money. Why would they want to spend effort trying to appeal to people who would be turned off by different looking Klingons?

If that’s the fanbase, then fuck ’em. Go for a mainstream audience and actually turn a profit, like ST But they’ll watch even just to bitch and moan. They think they matter! I mean they are so goddamned deluded that they think most of the audience for the awesome nuTrek movies were them and that the hundreds of millions they made were generated by them.

Brannon Braga said one universal truth that all new Trek writers, producers, and showrunners must learn on the first day of any Trek production: So “Fuck the fans! We pissing our pants yet?

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Boon first mentioned that for those keeping track this new game was number eight in the series, dating back to and the product of a ten-year effort to crossover the Mortal Kombat franchise with another property. Superman battled Sub-Zero in a ruined Metropolis, slowing the icy warrior with his freeze breath. Batman battled Scorpion in hell, trading Batarangs and grappling spears.

Catwoman used her agility to get in a few bloody scratches on Shang Tsung. Finally, the Flash darted around Soyna, leaving her spinning and dazed before running her off a cliff, the pair trading blows all the way down before the Flash got the upper hand and whipped his opponent into the ground, creating a small crater. A similar mechanic is involved when one player knocks another down to lower level of the stage.

At San Diego Comic Con , at the Science Speed Dating panel, six scientists shared the coolest things going on in their field in under 5 minutes. I had the pleasure of .

It finishes with the man saying to the woman, “Hey, maybe we could do a Bamzu commercial! One of the characters informs the other that the commercial — in which they are currently appearing — took only 15 minutes to produce which they tie into the amount of time it takes to switch to Geico. One Honda commercial had a man talking about his car and the deal he got from it, while his friend says that he sounds like a car commercial.

They are hiding behind a wall corner in a very over dramatic spy-esque fashion, and Maka says something along the lines of: The way we’re sneaking around like this, it’s almost like we’re the protagonists of some supernatural crime story! Fairly early in the manga, Ako tells an aged-up version of Negi that she envies Negi because she feels like she’s just a supporting character and he’s the main character. She is, of course, absolutely right. Negi counters that even if she’s a minor character in someone else’s story, she’s still the main character of her own.


One of the things I love most about comic-con is the insane amount of creativity that can be found there. Amidst all of the glam and sexiness of Hall H and Ballroom 20 it can be easy to forget some of the smaller panels yet some of those are the most fun. In particular I went to one called the creators connect and it was really cool.

Lego’s popularity is demonstrated by its wide representation and usage in many forms of cultural works, including books, films and art work. It has even been used in the classroom as a teaching tool. In the US, Lego Education North America is a joint venture between Pitsco, Inc. and the educational division of the Lego .

She was an on-and-off again supporting character in the Hulk ‘s various series for decades, serving as his longest running love interest. Stan Lee originally portrayed Betty Ross as a strong willed and independent-minded, yet conventionally polite woman. Though this occurred during David’s run on the series, the issue was instead written by editor Bob Harras. David recalled, “The reason I refused to do it was because Betty was really losing her child to editorial fiat. My run on the book almost ended with that issue; I nearly walked over it.

But there were so many stories I still wanted to tell that ultimately I stayed with it, even though I fumed about it for quite a while.

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News , Upcoming Games Shadow Fight 3, the sequel to Nekki’s mega-hit fighting game Shadow Fight 2 [ Free ], has been in the works for quite some time, from it first being announced in the spring of last year to most recently it soft-launching a little over a week ago signaling that it was likely close to being finished and released. Well, that turned out to be pretty true as today Nekki officially announced via the new teaser trailer below that Shadow Fight 3 is set for a global release on both iOS and Android this coming November 16th.

In case you haven’t been following along, Shadow Fight 3 expands upon the highly customizable RPG progression system of its predecessor while also taking the series into full 3D visuals for the first time. It really is an absolutely gorgeous game in motion, and just below the release date teaser is the most recent gameplay trailer for Shadow Fight 3 so you can see it in action.

Heralds, Legion and Dynasty.

Netflix is a digital streaming service that has won itself a legion of loyal fans through airing shows like Stranger Things and Breaking Bad. However, it has also become popular because of the way.

Champions of Justice Panel Recap Share. Champions of Justice panel, a number of veteran DC talent were on hand to talk about the company’s vision and current slate. Johns opened the panel by discussing the events of Forever Evil and Lex Luthor’s role going forward, pausing for a moment to compliment one cosplayer’s especially convincing Luthor armor.

Luthor’s presence obviously isn’t taken well by all, and with Batman’s identity at stake, the caped crusader is set to do some digging of his own. A splash page showcasing the Doom Patrol’s battle with the newly minted Power Ring was briefly teased and then attention was turned to Johns’ latest, Superman. Johns stated that the he and his creative team read all of Superman’s New 52 run, looking to find the best way to “redefine the Man of Tomorrow.

After acknowledging the quality of the run previous, she stated her goal of creating “a character people are familiar with imagined in a totally different way. We were then treated to some of David Finch’s pencils, including an awesome splash page of Wonder Woman seemingly fighting Swamp Thing. From there the panel moved on to Charles Soule, who ended up quite busy.

His reasoning for raising the stakes was that “Superman and Wonder Woman can handle just about anything, so why not give them something they can’t handle?

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Although initially uneasy about raising a superpowered child, Lois has shown immense aptitude of being Mommy Lois. So go ahead and name our future Balboa Park headquarters something cool and take advantage of this chance to be candid with CCI. She is held captive by Baron Luthor, who hopes to make her his bride.

Emily Rose (born February 2, ) is an American actress. She is best known for her role in the critically acclaimed Uncharted video game series as Elena Fisher and for her lead role as Audrey Parker in the Syfy series Haven (–).

This is the main page, or the page for characters not introduced in specials. For the ones that were, click here. They may be cute, but the world they live in can get very treacherous. But as they’ve proven time and time again, they can handle it. All monster, but all good looking. Frankie Stein Voiced By: Kate Higgins , Cassandra Lee Welcome to Monster High-current A girl created by Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride mad scientists in this universe , and their daughter.

In most Generation 1 continuities, she was stated to only be 15 days old at the start and attended high school as the “new girl”. Starting with Welcome to Monster High , she’s days old and works with Draculaura, Clawdeen and their respective families to build the school. Plucky, fun-loving and klutzy, she alternates between series Protagonist and Deuteragonist.

In “Fearleading Tryouts” she trips into the gym and with a bit of convenient pratfalls and a few of her own flying limbs , aces the audition. In the original series, Frankie is portrayed as either an average or slightly above average student. She’s the daughter of a scientist, and has her father’s roots, but she’s also a teenager who is literally very new to the world.

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I popped my con cherry and I had a blast not only meeting up with my friends, but also meeting keysmash readers, and adk;lfdfadsf Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie ak;dafdlf. The bigger the celebrity, the more for each, but the overall cost of the con is reasonable, and the convention center is located right around a ton of hotels, and good restaurants. Also, their VIP option is fantastic as it gets you early entry into the con and main ballroom, AND guaranteed seating in the first rows depending on the star for panels.

The most prominent cosplayers were Winter Soldiers, and Harley Quinns. Some of the cosplayers at Philly CC.

Aug 09,  · Re: New star trek discovery info at SDCC Post by Joun_Lord» pm I actually like the explanation of the stupid looking spikey Klingons being a sub-species from presumably the thousands (hundreds) of years of space exploration.

It was speed-dating, with a sci-fi twist. My interest was piqued. How had I never heard that poor, destroyed planet’s name used like that before? Wait, did I actually get geek humor? Maybe it was a sign; this could be fun. I’ve never been on a blind date, and I’ve never done anything like speed-dating before. Did I have to get fancy? Dress up like Harley Quinn?

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No details, but all this talk certainly got us interested in seeing what would happen, and how things have changed on the last day of the Con. So that preamble out of the way, how was it? The tone was a HUGE difference from the first day, which was nerve wracking and sometimes downright uncomfortable. Didio, in particular, having spent the weekend talking to fans, seemed more relaxed, forgiving, and supportive of the fans and artists.

OK, let’s just come out and say it: Wonder Woman is the most famous heroine of all time. No offense to the Lara Crofts, Buffys, or Disney princesses of the world, but none of them have been plastered on as many magazine covers, adorned as many T-shirts, or sold the countless comics, dolls, and action figures that Wonder Woman has.

Tuesday, September 8, Tabletop Tuesday! I have a fun post topic for today: There are currently four regular Adventurers League groups, each with between 4 and 7 players. This mixer let us break away from our usual groups and play with a bunch of different people and DMs. Hit the jump to read more about this event! It was a low-key environment, with players of all styles and experience levels welcome.

I met some new university students as well as some players who have been gaming at the store for years, who I never had to chance to meet personally before. This adventure, called Harried in Hillsfar , consists of five mini-adventures and was a perfect choice for this event. Each mini-adventure only took about minutes to complete, and was simple enough that the various group combinations could power through the combat without getting overwhelmed.

Harried in Hillsfar was designed for character levels , and optimized for level 1 characters.

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